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Salesforce, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is a leading cloud computing platform concept that provides a solution which help employees collaborate easily and connect with customers like never before. Salesforce development can also be extended and thats what exactly we do. Salesforce CRM offers developer tools for third party developer to extend its feature set. The fact that Salesforce development Platform resides within the cloud there are limitations and best practices which a development firm needs to be aware of, and we understand this best.

MetaDesign with its good understanding of the capabilities and use of Salesforce have successfully delivered high quality projects to the clients of diverse industries across the globe with 100% satisfaction rate. We have years of successful experience in developing custom applications for SalesForce using Apex and VisualForce. Our custom development service offering include development of custom applications, Integration with Customers Database or Webservices and developing Mashup applications, Integration with Salesforce.

With our expertise in Salesforce development along with the past project experiences, We remains open to offer its service for such to all individuals, companies or organizations who are aware of the advantages of Salesforce development and of course to those as well who have doubts or queries in using Salesforce, after clearing their all doubts and queries by giving them a clear picture on how they can get benefited by using it.


Developing Workflows in Salesforce

Salesforce is highly customizable. Without writing a single line of code you can develop custom objects, view elements, forms analytics and more within its ecosystem. For customers willing to adapt to Salesforce we offer services to customize required to adapt to their workflow.


Custom Salesforce Application Development
Salesforce offers developer tools for third party developers willing to do advance stuff which is not possible from the UI options available in Salesforce. For customers, which need advance customization we offer development services using Apex and VisualForce.


Salesforce Integration
A typical integration with SalesForce would mean pulling data from Customers Database and showing up in Custom Salesforce page allowing users to work with it without leaving Salesforce. We offer such integration services where we integrate Customer Database with Salesforce, Integration with Salesforce via webservices or other means.


Migration to Salesforce
We help customers migrate their existing data and application to SalesForce. The data could in form of Database, MS Dynamics, Excel or More. This process could become tedious for Customers with large amount of data, offloading such work to us helps our Customers retain focus on core tasks.


Creating Mashups in SalesForce
Mashups are web pages, which draw content from external data sources and display in a single web page. Within Salesforce for customers with requirement to see more data coming from their databases, we develop mashup screens to show both the Salesforce and Customers data on the same page.


Salesforce Consulting and Administration
We offer remote administrator and consulting services for Salesforce. Our administrator would remotely manage your salesforce account, which includes Administrating Users, Creating Permissions and Roles, Analytics, Finding Problems, Making recommendation and More.


Case Study


Industry – Print Media Industry


Our latest development experience was developing a Salesforce-enabled Opportunity Capturing Solution for our client. The Software Solution, which is a Salesforce AppExchange-Certified application, automates time-consuming conversion of opportunities to orders workflow and CRM follow-up activities in Salesforce.com freeing valuable selling time and giving salespeople a competitive selling advantage. The users of the software are able to assign shopping cart items with an opportunity which goes through an automated conversion process when an opportunity is closed.

To fulfill the exact client's requirement our expert developers team has made custom changes to the existing tabs, develop new tabs, design new objects, fetched data from external WebServices and implemented different modules for eg. of Shopping Cart which helped to manage Shopping Cart items and much more. Along with Apex and Visual Force we have also used JQuery and Ajax toolkit to enhance the Look & Feel of the application.



Hire Offshore Salesforce Development Services in India

We have extensive experience working in SalesForce Development. Our team has been involved in developing custom applications in Salesforce, Integration with Mobile Devices, Customization with Salesforce, Integration with Salesforce, Administration and Building custom workflows in Salesforce, SalesForce Automation and SalesForce Integration. We are proud to say that those Customers who opted to Outsource Salesforce Development to us have been greatly benefited from our experience. We invite you to take the first step forward and share your requirements with us and let us present you with an ideal solution which meets all your requirements and budgeted to your needs.



Hire SalesForce Developers, Programmers or Salesforce Consulting Company in India

Our staff in India comprises of experienced Salesforce Developers, Administrators and Consultants which are highly experienced in working with its Environment. The Developers can be either hired for a short term or a longer term. The level of experience and pricing is flexible to ensure it matches your needs.


Dedicated Developer Model Includes


1High Quality Work and Committed team

1Cost Effective offering and on Time Delivery

1Adoption of Best Coding practices

1Benefit from specialized skills

1Flexible payment model - Full Time, Part Time or Hourly



To discuss about our Salesforce services and how we could help you with your requirements please contact us at sales@brothersoftsindia.com or call + 011 427 28 111.